Los jóvenes de desafiando la crisis y el Encuentro Internacional sobre Juventud y Precariedad II

Esta vez os dejamos una crónica en inglés que ha hecho nuestra compañera Rebeka Marsnaj de Eslovenia  que es parte del grupo de jóvenes «Desafiando la crisis» The international meeting, Precarity and Youth, was held in Madrid on 24 and 25 October. The main purpose was together with youth organisations and experts from European countries and youth representatives from Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, Germany, Italia and France to make reflection and possible proposals that respond to the difficult situation faced by young people. During the first day of congress we started with inaugural conference on the topic of Precarity and social exclusion in an unequal Europe. The first speaker was Gregorio Rodriguez Cabrero on social exclusion in Europe and the second was Albert Recio, who discussed about labour precarity in Europe. In the afternoon after first conference there was round table with international experts on the topic of “collapses and inequalities in the EU”. Jamie Mackay presented labour collapse in connection with “employment crisis and precarity in Europe”. Than Jose Antonio Nieto Solis from Complutense University of Madrid, presented social collapse: “towards a residual social policy in Europe”. The last speaker was Laura Horn, from Roskilde University of Denmark, who presented political collapse: “the EUs anti-democratic drift and its implications for citizenship”. During debates, all youth attendees also had their recorded interviews with organization Fuhem, where they discussed about youth challenges, what is their role on congress, what they will talk about during round table, etc. In the meantime Slovenian YGA Rebeka also attend short interview at Madrid radio Exterior (RNE), within the program “Europa Abierta”. Together with other two attendees she responded on questions related to youth problematic in Europe; what youth think about the new president of European Commission and if youth projects and conferences are important part of youth development. On the second congress day there were two round tables, where Spanish and European youth organizations representatives from Ireland, Slovenia, France and Italy had their speeches on youth challenges. The main discussion of the first round table was about “What has the EU meant for youth?”. During this table Slovenian YGA had its role to present challenges that Slovenian youth are facing with and how to enrich those problems. The second table was about “What could be done against social exclusion and precarity?”. Within this table the Irish YGA Emmet had its role to present Social Economy and he also explained that social economy is the growing movement to embed more social values in our businesses, our markets and our economy. It involves encouraging alternative business models like cooperatives and associations, which are democratic and often worker-owned, and also social enterprises, which make money by solving social problems.

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